Your Online Marketing Journey.

The world of online marketing is always changing and can get pretty confusing when words like Content Marketing, Digital Strategy and SEO start flying around.

At Azapi we understand that all you really want to know is:

How will this improve my business?


How do I effectively implement it?

To answer these questions and give you a better understanding of what’s involved we’ll go on a quick journey, stopping at some important places.

Online Marketing Journey - Define yourself

Define Yourself

Running a business without setting well-planned goals is like embarking on a boat trip without any previous sailing experience and not knowing what the weather forecast is… in short, it will probably end in a disaster.

Knowing your goals

will play a pivotal role in helping you decide on not only the design and layout of your website but also the functionality it requires.

Azapi will help you

define what makes your business uniquely different from competitors and then market that uniqueness to your customers directly.

Define Your Audience

By working out who your target audience is, what challenges they face and what they deem as important or unimportant you’ll be able to design a website that appeals to them. Once you’ve worked out who your target audience is, spend some time creating online personas.

  • Your Online Personas

    will mimic the user’s behaviour, including the challenges they face and the issues they wish to solve.

  • Your Target Audience

    is determined on geographic and demographic data, such as gender, income and location, etc.

Target market
Your Online Marketing Journey

Feel and Functionality

Now that you have defined your goals and identified your personas, it becomes easier to set-out how your users’ journey on your website should look like. By reviewing your current content you can establish:

  • The type of story your brand wants to tell
  • The calls to action you want to include
  • A content hierarchy, showcasing content’s level of importance, thus helping you decide where the content should appear on your website.

Taking your Customers on a Journey

It starts when the consumer learns about your business and can progress through to the purchasing stage. By evaluating the consumer’s progress through your funnels, you can:

  • Foster stronger brand awareness
  • Increase loyalty
  • Drive greater sales
paper jet
paper jet
paper jet
marketing funnel

Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel has five stages - three main stages and two post-decision stages, and during each, there are things you can do to reduce friction:

  • Awareness

    Branded content strategies appeal to audiences and make them receptive to future interactions.

  • Consideration

    Showcasing your product/service’s benefits will encourage brand advocates to help convince customers when they’re comparing you against competitors.

  • Conversion

    A simple purchasing process reduces the risk of buying.

  • Loyalty

    A loyalty program with regular discounts, email interactions and social media maintains customers.

  • Advocacy

    Receptive individuals in your loyalty program support your future marketing funnels.

Your Online Marketing Journey

Setting Smart Goals

Now we need to set SMART goals which will allow us to determine which online marketing channels can help improve your business. Your goals should be easy to define.

An example of increasing your brand awareness would be

We want to gain 200 new followers on Facebook in 2 months

or if you wanted to increase lead generation an example would be

Increasing your customers’ spend on coffee from R20 to R50 within 3 months.

When looking at these simple examples it is easy to define what exactly needs to be achieved in order for it to be deemed successful or not.

Choosing the Correct Online Marketing Channels

There are many ways to reach your customers including;

  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing

We combine these digital marketing channels to achieve maximum value for your money.

Your Online Marketing Journey

To Measure is the New Treasure

It will be important to measure the success of all channels to see what worked and regularly test/tweak campaign messaging.

One way to see if your efforts have been successful is through KPIs which will help you see if your goals were achieved and what changes need to be made for better results.

By analysing your results you’ll be in a position to adjust future campaigns to deliver better results.

Continued Nurturing leads to Converting

Systems, integration and automation will be important to streamline your business for the future online. Successful websites that continue to attract the right type of visitors and lead them down a path towards becoming a customer, requires consistent brand messaging, content and functionality to ensure it is achieving its objectives.

Through continued nurturing

you’ll actively engage with your customers resulting in improved conversations with your customers.

Remember to also consider your “offline” processes, for example,

  • onboarding of clients,
  • communications,
  • support and
  • upselling.
Your Online Marketing Journey

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