Social Media

Build a community

Engaging content
that pulls the crowd together

As humans, we have a desire to communicate. We want to feel part of something bigger than ourselves and connected. This is why social media works.

No longer can you pretend social media does not exist. You need to be talking where your target audience is talking. Your audience has to find you when searching for products and services... or, they'll simply move on to your competitors.

Whatever your goal, whoever your audience - you need to find the platform that works best for your tone and voice. Pull your audience in and start a conversation.

Expand your audience with targeted and measurable advertising making adjustments where required. Build leads and connections. You can even start an online shop. 

How to create a great social media ad campaign:

  • Think about your budget

Always align your marketing objectives with your social media advertising strategy taking into consideration the amount you're comfortable pulling out of the larger marketing strategy to put towards your social ads.

  • Choose which type of social media advertisement you'll run

Every platform has it's advantages and disadvantages, so you'll need to decide carefully taking into account the platform preferred by your audience. 

  • Make your ad relevant

Consider the needs of your audience by conducting customer feedback surveys and always optimise your content for SEO purposes. 

  • Design a beautiful, eye-catching ad

Create ads that are engaging, beautifully-designed, and eye-catching! 

  • Write copy that converts

Your content needs to be compelling, communicate your value proposition and always actionable. 

  • Measure your ad's success

Measure the Click-Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Conversion (CPC) and lastly the overall Conversion Rate.


The opportunities within social media are constantly expanding so use them to your benefit.